Thursday, August 4, 2011

Four New Items

I was working on a new project last week and looked up from my sewing machine to find pins laying all over the place. I had pulled each one out of the fabric I was sewing and just sort of "tossed" it to the side- trying to keep the material feeding straight. Quick and easy solution for the moment, but as the fabric began to move behind the sewing machine, pins began to drop on the floor. "I need a pincushion!"

I ran across the cute idea of making a pincushion out of a half-pint mason jar. I gathered some scrap pieces of fabric, batting from my grandma, and plugged in the glue gun. Along with a couple of blisters on my fingers from the hot glue, what I got was a super-cute pincushion with its own storage space for pins not in use. Fantastic! So, I made 4 more!

Tonight, I posted them on Etsy. As I was posting one, the others were getting views already! Exciting! Sounds like small potatoes, but it's a step toward my dream of working for myself; sewing, crafting, wiring, etc.

Check them out at:

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