Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Magnets N' Stuff

School pictures. A new one when school starts, a new one when sports start, a new one taken with a friend..... you really have to keep up with these before that old picture hanging in the hallway doesn't even look like the kid that just walked through the back door. Easy enough- until the frame has to be taken down and dismantled, the picture has to be trimmed.... then trimmed again, the nail in the wall has to be tightened up with a few more smacks... then the argument with getting the frame to hang straight. Wouldn't it just be easier to... Yes! A frame with magnetic backing and magnets to hold the picture in place! Easy switcheroo!

So, I made a couple of these frames with magnetic backing. Accented with different fabrics, these garage-sale frames took on a whole new look. Photo frame concept-makeover! So I whipped up a few magnets using my vintage buttons, beads and other things and wah-lah... matching magnets!

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