Sunday, October 9, 2011

Droolin' Dog Cookies

Ingredients: whole-wheat flour, beef broth, milled flax seed, vegetable oil, eggs, and baking powder.

That's it. All natural beef dog treats. You can enunciate all of the ingredients and they are safe for your dog to eat (unless there is a wheat allergy). 

There are a lot of dog treats on the market today, and a responsible dog owner has to be careful and informed when making the decision about what kind of treats to purchase. Dog treat/food manufacturers are required to list the ingredients they use in order by volume. Take a look on their packaging... I know, you probably don't want to. Is it because the words are too big and you don't understand what they are (be truthful), or is it because the word "by-products" is scary all by itself? Some of the stuff used in commercial dog treats/food can be linked to pretty big health issues ranging from renal failure to skin problems. 

Where all of this comes from:
I had a black lab for 12 years- best dog in the whole world! I raised him on commercial dog food and treats. We constantly battled skin problems, ear infections, digestive issues, seizures... the list goes on. He passed away September 9, 2008. His internal organs finally failed him. Two weeks after that, I couldn't stand the quiet around the house, so my husband and I brought "Casey" home. I began researching commercial dog food and treats and through informing myself, made the best decisions I could come up with- I didn't want to go through the same health issues with the new puppy. Casey is a very-healthy 3 years old now, and her veterinarian smiles every time we walk through the door. She often says "What ever you're doing- don't change a thing!"

At BlueDaisy, you don't have to worry about where the ingredients come from or what they are- they're in the pantry- and we eat them, ourselves. Each treat comes from hand-rolled dough and cut by hand with my great-grandma's cookie cutter. Approximately 30 treats per bag / 8.5 oz.

ALL BlueDaisy dog treats are made to order and require 24 hours to make to perfection. Upon your purchase, I will convo you about ship date.

Thanks for reading- and thanks for loving your dog.

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